The Knuckle Boom Loader

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3 min readFeb 2, 2022

The knuckle boom loader crane is an excellent solution for loading heavy cargo into confined spaces. It is used extensively in European countries and is even found in the mining industry. The knuckle boom loader is capable of lifting to 60 tons and can be equipped with a winch for increased lifting capacity. Depending on the application, these cranes can be fitted with various features, including a swivel bucket for ease of movement and an integrated crane trolley for stability.

The knuckle boom is a proven design that makes it easy to maneuver, even in rough seas. With its extended jib, a knuckle boom crane can easily lift large loads. The radii flexibility of knuckle boom cranes makes it easy to load boats and pipes. Its superior flexibility and control make it ideal for offshore lifting operations, including those in higher sea states.

The knuckle boom crane is ideal for handling palletized materials. There are many types available. These knuckle boom cranes can lift between 1,740 and 38,185 lbs. Their compact storage sizes make them easy to maneuver. The knuckle boom is designed to easily pass through doors and require a minimal amount of space. Its lightweight makes it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

The knuckle boom is not a popular choice for construction sites. These cranes are typically used in areas that have a high population density. Because of their compact size, they are easy to store and maneuver. The telescopic boom truck is better suited for open space applications. Its compact design makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces. A Crane Rental NJ company can be a good solution for a wide range of construction projects.

A knuckle boom is as effective as a standard crane but is more versatile. It has a lower overall height and can fit into tight spaces. A knuckle boom can be towed behind a truck. The articulating knuckle boom has a low overall height, which makes it ideal for constrained spaces. The knuckle boom is more compact than a standard model.

A knuckle boom crane can be a great asset for any project. Depending on its application, the knuckle boom can be mounted on a railcar, boat, or dock. It can carry regular cargo and is extremely lightweight. Because of their versatility, knuckle booms are a smart choice for a wide range of situations. If you need to transport heavy cargo, a towed knuckle boom crane is a great choice for your project.

As the knuckle boom is shorter than the boom of a boom truck crane, it allows for greater vertical clearance. Compared to a fixed control station, the knuckle-boom crane has an operator sitting in a turret. It can be mounted on a turret or a trailer. A knuckle boom can lift up to 38,185 pounds.

The knuckle boom is an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects. Its lightweight and versatile design make it an ideal option for a variety of applications. A knuckle-boom crane is a versatile and safe choice for any type of worksite. Whether it’s for building demolition or a construction project, it can handle any heavy load. It can even handle standard freight. The knuckle boom can be mounted on a dock, railcar, or boat.

The knuckle boom crane is a popular choice for marine lifting. Unlike a telescopic boom truck, it is lightweight and can be mounted on railcars, boats, and docks. It is a portable crane that can handle any type of cargo, from normal cargo to hazardous materials. Its low operating costs make it an ideal choice for marine and offshore lifting operations. In addition, a knuckle boom crane is an excellent option for pipe handling, boat transportation.

Unlike standard cranes, knuckle boom cranes are more compact and easy to maneuver. Because they are lighter and easier to maneuver, knuckle booms are ideal for constricted spaces. They are also lightweight and can carry a larger payload than other cranes. In addition to their advantages, knuckle booms are often used by the construction and marine industries. They are also used on railcars and boats.



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